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Dog daycare: who will care for your pet when you go in to work?

  Dogs became used to owners being around more in Covid lockdowns but there are ways to make being apart easier and cheaper Over the past year, dogs have provided locked-down owners with comfort, company and a reason to head out for long restorative walks. There are 12 million of them in the UK, according to data from the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association. And because of the coronavirus pandemic, a whole generation of puppies have never spent any time alone, while older dogs have got used to always having someone around. Now that we can leave the house again, that may be about to change. “Our biggest concern as people start returning to work outside the home is that pets will need to adapt to a very different routine and may experience some anxiety around being separated from the owners they’ve spent every day with during lockdown,” says Daniella Dos Santos, a vet and the senior vice-president of the British Veterinary Association. “Owners should spend time gradually getting pets used .. Full story on 

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