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Straight story? The YouTuber taking a direct route to success

  Tom Davies has 925,000 subscribers who watch his attempts to cross countries without making a turn When Tom Davies and his stepbrother, Greg, were growing up on the edge of Aldridge, a town in the West Midlands, they would pick a point in the distance, a TV mast for instance, and make their way straight there, even if it meant clambering through quarries, sneaking across railway tracks and running away from angry farmers. Now Davies has channelled this childhood taste for adventure into a YouTube series following his attempts to traverse entire countries in a direct line, based on GPS tracking. The scrapes he finds himself in along the way, from almost drowning in swollen rivers and slashing his hand on barbed wire in Wales to a run-in with the police in Scotland, combined with his laid-back humour (he describes Norway as “Wales on steroids”), have garnered him a huge fanbase, with 925,000 subscribers to hischannel . Videos documenting his most recent “straight line mission” across Sco .. Full story on 

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