A Lab-Lib pincer movement is the most effective way to strike fear into the Tories | Andrew Rawnsley

  A formal pact between them won’t happen, but they can be bolder about working together to evict the Conservatives If you don’t like the sound of teeth being gritted, never ask a Labour MP how they feel about cooperation with the Liberal Democrats. “I know it makes sense,” one member of the shadow cabinet recently gnashed their molars to me. “But it really sticks in the craw.” That is an effusion of affection compared with their history of bitter animosity. They weren’t speaking when Jeremy Corbyn led Labour. Corbynites treated the Lib Dems as indistinguishable from Tories – or, worse, Blairites – and Lib Dems regarded Mr Corbyn with horror. During the Cameron-Clegg coalition years, Labour people were often much more vicious about the Lib Dems for participating in that government than they were about the Tories who dominated it. Continue reading... .. Full story on theguardian.com 

tories, andrew, rawnsley, lab, lib, pincer, movement, effective Image source : theguardian.com
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