How to grow plants using hydroponics | James Wong

  Indoor gardeners can forget soil – some plants thrive in water alone Hydroponics is one of those techniques for growing that really seems to capture our imagination, particularly with the slew of CGI images of futuristic vertical farms set atop skyscrapers that flood social media these days. Yet you don’t have to have an engineering degree or a glass-covered penthouse to try this out for yourself. So here’s my beginners’ guide to home hydroponics. Hydroponics can be as simple or complicated as you want, but at its heart is the fact that plants do not need soil to grow. Generally speaking, the only thing soil provides for plants is a source of moisture, air and minerals – roughly in that order. Dispensing with soil means you can grow in clear glass vases or bowls without any growing media whatsoever. Continue reading... .. Full story on 

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