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What would make the UK safer for women, according to women?

  Most Britons say tougher sentencing for sexual harassment, sexual assault and domestic violence would be effective, but are split on undercover cops in clubs Sarah Everard’s killing in March prompted vigils , protests , and debates on women’s safety. New YouGov data shows that women overwhelmingly feel not enough is being done to ensure their safety and that men in particular should do more. Three quarters of women (76%) say men in society don’t pull their weight in keeping women and girls safe. Men tend to agree (63%), although a fifth (20%) consider their gender overall to be doing enough – almost three times the number of women who think so (7%). Seven in ten women (69%) also say the government’s efforts are lacking, compared with 59% of men. A majority of women (62%) similarly feel the police aren’t doing enough, while around half of men (52%) agree. Meanwhile, women are much more likely than men to see the benefit of making schools teach boys about acceptable and respectable behav .. Full story on 

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