Why The Cost Of Your Pint Might Be About To Go Up

  The HGV crisis has shown just how much we rely on imported goods as many of our food and drinks go out of stock.  Alongside the shortages, the cost of essential materials such as fuel, CO2, energy, bottles, cans, and packaging is shooting up – with some costs being passed on to consumers.  It means a pint of beer might now increase by 25 to 30p. In parts of the country with the highest cost of living, such as London, a standard pint is expected to hit £6.  The Society of Independent Brewers (SIBA) said the hikes may make it impossible for independent businesses to survive. Drinks companies have seen a 73% increase in the cost of CO2, 57% rise in the cost of brewery energy, a 20% hike in the cost of beer cans and a 22% increase in the cost of cardboard packaging. Other factors such as the national insurance contributions and rise in minimum wage are also said to affect pubs and bars. With furlough now finished, companies might no longer be able to afford to keep staff on.  To compensate .. Full story on huffingtonpost.co.uk 

cost, pint Image source : huffingtonpost.co.uk
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