I've FaceTimed My Online Trolls. Anonymity Won't Stop The Abuse

  Direct from the sunny hills of California, an email landed in my inbox. Something to the tune of “go back where you came from”, “kill yourself”, and some other unpleasant sentiments. How do I know it came from California? Oh, because the sender had his work address in his signature, complete with his name and even a contact number. When people want to send you hate, they don’t care about anonymity. I’ve even tried video calling some of my trolls on Instagram and yes, they pick up. They aren’t afraid to show their names, their faces, or in some cases their work places. Let’s not forgetthe maths teacher who sent abuse to footballer Marcus Rashford and did so from a Twitter account that included his name and job.  While some of the trolls, jarred by the imminent prospect of being face-to-face with their subject, declined my calls, others brazenly answered. And once they had seen that I was an actual person and not just a name online, I hung up on them without saying a word. Following the .. Full story on huffingtonpost.co.uk 

facetimed, online, trolls, anonymity, won, abuse Image source : huffingtonpost.co.uk
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