Cost of living: can Britons afford rising bills?

  The National Infrastructure Commission has warned some families faces cost increases of £400 in pursuit of ‘net zero’ Chairman of the National Infrastructure Commission, Sir John Armitt, has warned that some British households could see theircost-of-living rise by as much as £400 a year – around £33 a month – to offset the costs of tackling climate change. In a multiple whammy to British households, the prices of food, fuel, and energy are also rising due in part to the effects of theCOVID-19 pandemic and Brexit . A new YouGov study asked Britons how much of an increase in their monthly spend they felt they could afford. At the lower end of the scale, some 10% of Brits say they could not afford a £5 uptick in their monthly cost of living, overall an extra £60 a year. A similar 17% say they would struggle to afford a £10 increase, or £120 a year extra on their cost-of-living. Around a third (33%) say they couldn’t bear a £25 per month increase in their expenses, equivalent to an addi .. Full story on 

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