Breastfeeding My Boyfriend Viewers Don't Think They'll Ever Recover From Watching The Channel 4 Doc

  Channel 4 viewers have been sharing their thoughts on Breastfeeding My Boyfriend after the documentary aired on Monday evening, and it’s fair to say some don’t think they’ll ever recover from the experience. It’s not like the clue wasn’t in the title... Some TV shows have titles and you're like "Ooh intriguing, add to list" and then some TV shows are called#breastfeedingmyboyfriend and you're like got it, totally know how it ends, no need to watch, excuse me while I vomit for days. — Andrea Hubert (@ShutUpAndrea) October 26, 2021 The broadcaster described the doc as “a look at the taboo surrounding adult breastfeeding, exploring a growing underground scene that ranges from women producing milk for their partners to the lucrative lactation porn industry.” One contributor, known as Milky Mummy, explained how she made £30,000 a month selling lactation videos. Another woman, called Lana, said the practice is the perfect foreplay for her and her boyfriend and that she m .. Full story on 

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