Degrees of separation: what connects Bill Clinton to Patty Hearst?

  From Slick Willie to the kidnapped heiress via OJ Simpson: we go down the rabbit hole, thanks to the new American Crime Story series on the Lewinsky affair Impeachment: American Crime Story It’s back to the 1990s for the latest instalment of American Crime Story (ACS), the series that recreates lurid episodes of recent history. This time it’s the trials of Bill Clinton: his affair with Monica Lewinsky; alleged sexual harassment of Paula Jones; and eventual impeachment. Lewinsky, Jones, Tripp Clive Owen plays Bill, with Edie Falco as Hillary, but the focus is on Booksmart ’s Beanie Feldstein as Lewinsky and Annaleigh Ashford as Jones. Central, too, is Linda Tripp, who spilled some beans and is portrayed bySarah Paulson , who seems legally required to appear in all prestige mini-series. Continue reading... .. Full story on 

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