12 Mindless Habits That Are Secretly Exhausting You

  It’s no secret feeling drained has become the status quo, one that leaves us overexerting ourselves just to get through the necessities of the day. This leads us to lean on any energy booster we can think of to help us make it through. However, we also should suss out the energy sappers lurking in our daily habits. Think of your energy as water in a cup that has a hole in the bottom. There are two ways to ensure the cup always contains enough water: pour more water into it or make the hole smaller. “Finding ways to boost your energy is analogous to filling the cup and focusing on ways to make tasks less draining to making the hole smaller,” Tyson Lippe, a psychiatrist atHeading Health in Austin, Texas, told HuffPost. “Both are equally important, yet we often underestimate what can drain our stamina.” So continue doing what’s necessary to boost your energy (eating healthier, exercising, getting enough sleep, setting boundaries) — and make sure that process includes finding and quashing .. Full story on huffingtonpost.co.uk 

mindless, habits, secretly, exhausting Image source : huffingtonpost.co.uk
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