John Humphrys - Physician-Assisted Dying

  While Geoff Bezos and his billionaire chums tell the world that it is possible to live forever if only we pile enough money into research, Britain’s doctors have taken a step towards legalising assisted suicide. Most rational people will probably take the view that the Bezos dream is not only the stuff of nightmares but mercifully unlikely ever to be realised. Laws allowing assisted dying have already been passed in many countries, including a growing number of states in America. But the British parliament have voted against. So far. Do you think the time has come for a serious rethink? And are you yourself contemplating signing a form that would tell your loved ones that you do not want to be kept alive under certain circumstances? Doctors at the annual meeting of the British Medical Association voted not to oppose physician-assisted dying. They voted to “move to a position of neutrality on assisted dying, including physician-assisted dying”. The BMA, which represents 150,000 doctors, .. Full story on 

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