Trump may announce 2024 bid at Mar-a-Lago to send a message to Ron DeSantis: report

  In 2016, Trump announced his presidential campaign after riding down a golden escalator at his home in Trump Tower. He filed a form announcing his re-election the day he moved into the White House. And he may announce a third campaign from his home, this time his opulent Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida. "The day after federal agents searched Mar-a-Lago , former President Donald Trump told a group of conservative lawmakers that 'being president was hell,' according to three people at the meeting. But to some he sounded ready to have the job again," Marc Caputo, Carol Lee, Peter Nicholas, and Courtney Kubereported Friday for NBC News. Since the raid, Trump has reportedly been considering the logistics and timing of a 2024 announcement. "Taken together, it’s reoriented Trump’s thinking about whether he should announce a presidential campaign before or after the midterm elections, according to those who have spoken with him over the past two weeks. They said Trump fee ..

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