Bukayo Saka and Son Heung-min's tense footage from fashion show ahead of north London derby

  (Daily Star) : Six days out from the North London Derby, Arsenal and Tottenham rivals Bukayo Saka and Son Heung-min met off the pitch as they attended a fashion show ..

Image source : dailystar.co.uk

Personal Loan Interest Rates Today, September 29, 2023 | Today's Top Personal Loan Rates

If you're considering a personal loan and want a competitive rate, Insider did the research to help you find the best rate across the top personal loans available now.

One Strange Scenario to Avoid Would Put Trump Back in Office | Opinion

The path to Donald Trump's election as president in 2024 is not via a one-on-one race against President Biden.

In the galleries: Intriguing explorations in texture, line and color

Three artists’ exploration of the natural world, photos reflect the dichotomy of women’s roles, environmental degradation of water sources in the Middle East.

College 'anti-racism' rules echo the worst episode of campus censorship in US history

More than 70 years ago, California’s colleges and universities played a shameful role in the effort to suppress academic freedom in the name of anti-communism. In 1949, the University of California enacted an anti-communist loyalty

Food Inflation Is a Hardship Outside the Fed's Control

Higher interest rates will do nothing to reverse the surging costs of basics such as meat or eggs. But shoring up the supply chain would help.      

The fear-based despotism of college campuses

Our college campuses are gripped with fear. This fear comes not so much from worry about physical safety, though such concerns certainly exist to varying degrees depending on the campus. Instead, this dread stems from the prospect

National Parks Will Close if Government Shuts Down

The Biden administration will limit visitor access to national parks and other sites if Congress can’t avoid a shutdown.

Claire Murashima's semi-nocturnal life re-energizes the TikTok 'day in the life' format

Meet Claire Murashima, the TikTok-viral, semi-nocturnal NPR producer.

Republic of Ireland captain Katie McCabe signs new Arsenal contract

McCabe has helped Arsenal win the 2019 WSL title, one FA Cup and two League Cups.

Republican presidential hopefuls call to bring back mental hospitals

Crime and homelessness are big issues in the 2024 presidential campaign, as rising lawlessness brings the topic front and center for Republican voters.

Avery Wilson is headed for Broadway. He took the scenic route.

Singer Avery Wilson made a name for himself online. Now he’s headed to Broadway.

Only an ideological overhaul will restore public trust in higher education

America’s confidence in higher education has plummeted. Faculty and administrators need to recognize that an ideological overhaul of their institutions is necessary to regain the public’s trust.

Who elects these clowns, exactly? As it turns out, almost none of us.

Tinkering with the system can go only so far, so long as voters themselves are too apathetic to recognize how politics actually works in a polarized country.

Most National Parks Will Close in Shutdown

The Department of the Interior expects to furlough most of the 20,000 park workers. Some states, including Arizona, plan to use their own funds to keep sites open.

Does Your Dog Circle Before Lying Down? Vet Reveals Delightful Reason Why

Most dog owners are familiar with the behavior, which dogs typically practice before curling up to take a nap.

Private Equity Blasts Antitrust Agencies' Efforts to Slow Mergers

Industry lobbyists say the Biden administration challenge to private-equity roll-up strategy is illegal.

National parks would close and rangers would be furloughed if government shuts down, official says

The National Park Service plans to close its parks and furlough park rangers if the government shuts down as expected Sunday, a move that would spoil vacation plans for tens of thousands of people and put some gateway towns in an

Teenage brain cancer patient misses homecoming, so the hospital throws a surprise dance for her

When 17-year-old brain cancer patient Megan Krafty of Ohio was disappointed about having to miss her senior homecoming after surgery, caregivers at Cleveland Clinic brought the dance to her.

Explosion at rally celebrating prophet's birthday kills dozens in Pakistan

A powerful bomb exploded near a mosque at a rally celebrating the birthday of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad in southwestern Pakistan on Friday, killing at least 52 people and injuring nearly 70 others, police and a government official

The irony: ACLU accused of firing employee for voicing his opinion

An employee who spoke up against workplace conditions at the American Civil Liberties Union alleges he was fired for voicing his opinion in a filing to the National Labor Relations Board.

College alumni are stepping up to defend free speech

When thinking of college alumni, one generally imagines boosters donning their alma mater’s signature colors and cheering proudly for their team at homecoming games, or a multimillionaire being courted at campus events and donating

Desde los taqueros veganos hasta un escándalo político, escucha estos podcasts

Las historias latinas importan. El equipo de NPR One tiene recomendaciones de podasts que son tan variadas e importantes como la comunidad de la que provienen.

Social Security update: Direct payment worth $914 arrives Friday

Recipients of the federal Supplemental Security Income program received a second payment in September on Friday, with eligible individual filers receiving a maximum payment of $914.

Mortgage Interest Rates Today, September 29, 2023 | Rates Spike to 7.31%

These are today's mortgage and refinance rates. Mortgage rates climbed this week in anticipation of the Fed keeping rates higher for longer than expected.

Meal-Kit Maker Blue Apron to Be Sold

The sale to food-delivery startup Wonder would end a disastrous six-year experiment with public ownership.

Will Slovakia move towards Russia after snap elections?

Is Ukraine about to lose one of its staunchest allies in Europe? Slovakia leapt to Kyiv's aid after the Russian invasion of February 2022 by supplying weapons and fighter jets and welcoming refugees. But that could all change in

Texas drug recovery group awarded $800K grant from Biden admin for 'harm reduction' distributes crack pipes

A group in Texas, received a nearly $800,000 grant from HHS as part of the federal government's "harm reduction" program distributes crack pipes to drug addicts.

With Menendez refusing to go, voters express support and resignation

New Jersey voters express a mix of support and resignation as they’re again asked whether scandal-plagued Sen. Bob Menendez (D) should return to Washington.

A better solution to the student loan crisis

Last summer, President Joe Biden sought to transfer $300 billion in student loan debt from those who willingly took it on to attend college and make more money after graduation to the taxpayers who chose not to attend college, paid

The states that produce the most musicians, and more!

This week in data news: The states that produce the most musicians, the most pet food and the most remarkable array of license plate designs.

New Prison Education Service to cut crime

Overhaul of learning behind bars to include specialist teaching staff, apprenticeships and digital reading tools.

Man in critical condition after assault on Dawson Street

The scene is currently preserved, and a technical examination will take place.

Meta Quest 3 vs. Quest 2: Here are the differences, according to a gamer who tested both

Meta's Quest 3 is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean the Quest 2 is suddenly worthless.

Ryder Cup 2023: Europe surge into 4-0 lead as Viktor Hovland and Jon Rahm chip-ins leave US team shellshocked

Everything you need to know about the Friday morning foursomes