Runs for Robson as Middlesex and Somerset make chilly start to season

  * Middlesex 293-8 v Somerset * Former England opener makes 165 on opening dayAs the clock struck 11 and around the country play got under way on the opening day of the County Championship, at Lord’s the hover cover settled gently onto the wicket like a prim gentleman carefully lowering himself into a new sofa. There is a long summer to come, and this the first of a million minor disappointments. It was barely even rainfall, the gentlest whisper of moisture in the air, soon to be silenced. A few minutes later the cover had hovered away again and the players emerged from the pavilion to stand for a moment of unity against discrimination, a kind of reserved taking-of-the-straight-knee for white people in cableknit sweaters. The optimists among them, and there were only a few, wore short sleeves. In the middle the stumps were so cold they had turned blue, though sponsorship may have had something to do with it. The bails were obviously jealous, because they were bright green. A new format .. Full story on 

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