'Extremism sells': Georgia Republicans lament Trump has turned GOP into party of 'performance artists'

  (Raw Story) : Some Republicans in the state of Georgia are lamenting the turn their party has taken under formerPresident Donald Trump , as many of them blame him for twice costing them United States Senate elections. In interviews with the ..

Image source : rawstory.com

Snap to close new augmented reality division after launching in March

Snap announced today that it is shutting down its augmented reality services division just months after it launched.

A cat who has seizures spent 2 years at an animal shelter because nobody wanted to deal with her condition. Now she's been adopted by someone with epilepsy.

A New York animal shelter said people used to "balk" at the thought of adopting the 9-year-old cat with seizures. Then Renee came along.

From wedding joy to a mass funeral: Devastated families bury their loved-ones just hours after inferno sparked by fireworks ripped through Iraqi wedding killing at least 110

Many were seen carrying pictures of their deceased loved ones, including young children, as a procession carrying 42 coffins slowly marched through the cemetery north of Qaraqosh, Iraq

Mick Jagger floats donating song catalog to charity

Mick Jagger says he’s considering one day donating his song catalog to charity. “The children don’t need $500 million to live well,” the Rolling Stones frontman said in a profile published Tuesday in the WSJ Magazine. “Come on,”

Massachusetts man stabs five officers after crashing into home following chase, police say

Authorities say a Massachusetts man who sped away during a traffic stop led police on a chase that ended with him crashing into a home and then stabbing five officers, including the local police chief, before he was arrested

House GOP set for next salvo in Space Command HQ battle

The House Armed Services is expected to grill top Biden administration officials during a Thursday hearing after a planned headquarters shift for U.S. Space Command was scrapped by the Biden administration, which infuriated Alabama

Has decoupling from China already begun?

A reappraisal questioning America’s benefits from its relationship with China has been underway.

Two-thirds of Brits say most important thing in their life is taking a family holiday

And the top indicators of a successful family trip include everyone in the family having a good time, and the kids never complaining about being bored

Iraq wedding inferno leaves more than 100 dead

A fire in the district of Hamdaniya in northern Iraq killed more than 100 people at a wedding reception.

Meta Quest 3 fully unveiled at Connect 2023: How is it different from Quest 2?

Meta's next VR headset is the Quest 3, complete with a bunch of cool-looking AR features.

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner ignite battle over divorce case location

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner appeared in a New York City court on Wednesday after the pair filed for an emergency hearing.

How much would a $25,000 home equity loan cost per month?

Before you borrow $25k from your home equity, it's important to understand the monthly cost of your loan.

At Jai Paul's kickoff show, an elusive pop phenomenon proves his stardom in a live arena

On Tuesday night, the elusive pop producer Jai Paul opened his tour leg at the Los Angeles' Mayan Theater

Trump continues day-long meltdown over judge's fraud ruling: 'Nobody has been as unhinged'

Former President Donald Trump continued his ranting on his personal social media site Wednesday after a judge ruled that he grossly inflated his wealth. In a caps-heavy rant, Trump raged once again about New York Judge Arthur

Best Low-Interest Personal Loans for October 2023

Our picks for best low interest personal loans include LightStream, Amex, Reach Financial, Upstart, Discover, Prosper, and Wells Fargo.

Best Airline Credit Cards of October 2023

The best airline credit cards come in flavors that suit every travel style — some of the best of which don't even have an airline name on the front.

Bruce Springsteen postpones rest of tour due to peptic ulcer disease

Singer shelves all 2023 shows with the E Street Band to ‘continue treatment through the rest of the year on doctor’s advice’ Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band have postponed the remainder of their 2023 concerts as the singer

Kevin McCarthy at the helm

A guest editorial cartoon by Jeff Danziger on House Republicans.

Inside £40m EuroMillions winner's insane bachelor pad with fake lake and three bars

The ex-brickie's 6,000sq ft bachelor bad in Nottinghamshire has a giant artificial lake, a swimming pool with programmable waves, an in-ceiling sound system, floating fireplaces, three bars and two hot tubs

Is THIS how the Covid pandemic began after all? Study finds strain of virus in PANGOLINS was nearly identical to the strain in humans

Infectious disease experts from North Carolina, Tennessee, Wisconsin, and Tokyo were the latest to make a strong case for pangolins being the middleman between covid in animals and humans.

Here's how 2024 Republicans are preparing for the second GOP debate

Seven qualified Republican presidential candidates are set to take the stage in Simi Valley, Calif., on Wednesday night for the party’s second primary debate, and the contenders are spending the run-up in the gym, with their

The guy who designed the iPhone and MacBook is reportedly talking to ChatGPT boss Sam Altman about a new AI device

Is it time to move over, iPhone? The device's designer, Jony Ive, might be collaborating with ChatGPT's Sam Altman on a new device, a report says.

Highland bridge to remain closed for two months after being damaged

The damaged bridge on the A939 Nairn to Grantown Road at Dava remains closed to all traffic after it was struck by a car on Friday 15 September.

Trump to speak in Detroit as Republicans debate in California

The former president will be going to a non-union plant in Detroit amid the United Auto Workers strike, now in its second week.

7 of the best Christmas weekend breaks in Europe for markets and festive fun

Indulge yourself with a Christmas holiday to some of Europe’s most festive cities

13 Travis Kelce fashion moments that will never go out of style

In addition to being a two-time Super Bowl champ — and a potential love match for one Taylor Swift — he's one of the most fashionable football players in the game.

Over half of parents feel their children's toys are crucial to their development

And it emerged that three-quarters of mums and dads choose which toys to buy - based on the hope that these will help their youngsters be successful in later life

Best Credit Cards for Excellent Credit of October 2023

Consider opening one of the best credit cards for excellent credit if you have a high credit score to take advantage of rich rewards and valuable benefits.

Will the Trumps lose their homes? NY judge who dissolved Trump Org is cryptic at a tense hearing

"Maybe Don Jr.'s or Eric's residence?" a Trump lawyer on Wednesday asked the judge who just dissolved Trump Organization. "Are those covered?"

With shutdown looming, Carter library moves up birthday celebration for 39th president

The Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum has moved up planned festivities for the former president's 99th birthday amid the possibility of a government shutdown by the end of the week.

McCarthy blocks bipartisan bill approved by 77 senators to avoid shutdown as he moves to pin the blame on Democrats

Republican Speaker Kevin McCarthy is saying he will not allow the House to take up a compromise bill supported by a large and bipartisan majority of Senators that would allow the federal government to continue operating past the

Real life of EastEnders' George Knight's from Hollywood fame to poorly wife

Although he only joined EastEnders back in June, George Knight has already had to navigate plenty of drama, including the return of ex-wife Cindy Beale. Meanwhile, offscreen his counterpart has led a very interesting life indeed

Travis Kelce Calls Taylor Swift 'Ballsy' For Coming To His Football Game

The Kansas City Chiefs player opened up about his rumored relationship with the pop star, which has sparked a wave of memes.

Las Vegas bartenders and culinary workers give thumbs-up to strike

Unions representing hospitality workers in Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, voted this week to authorize a strike.