When will Disney+ get 'Thor: Love and Thunder'? What we know so far.

  When is Thor: Love and Thunder going to be available for streaming, and why won't you give us a date, Disney? That's the question currently plaguing Marvel fans, with it now being well over a month since the new chapter in the Thor saga pummelled its way into theatres. Disney, however, still hasn't released a streaming date. So when can we expect Love and Thunder to arrive on Disney+, and is there any way of predicting the date based on previous releases? Well, the short answer is no. Not for certain, anyway. But while we can't say for sure, we can at least take an educated guess based on recent Marvel movies. SEE ALSO: All Marvel Cinematic Universe movies ranked worst to best Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness , for instance, got its theatrical release on May 5, 2022. It then arrived on Disney+ June 22. That's a gap of just under seven weeks (48 days, to be exact). Lightyear , meanwhile – another big Disney blockbuster – released on June 17. It launche ..
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