'Beige flags' are the TikTok dating trend that could ruin your love life

  Making conversation with a person you’ve matched with on a dating app often feels like trying to squeeze blood from a stone. In this case, the blood is the person you’re hoping to spend the rest of your life with and the stone is a dating profile which tells you nothing apart from this person’s opinion on whetherpineapple belongs on pizza . The information we give away about ourselves on dating profiles is usually pretty limited. After all, it’s difficult to bare your soul in 500 characters or less. But this means that so many of the dating profiles you scroll through on various apps are filled with whatTikTok users are describing as "beige flags" — a prompt or photo that suggests the person behind it might be, well, a little bit boring. People talk a lot about red flags and it’s safe to say that dating profiles are not lacking in them. From endless shirtless photos to casual misogynistic comments in their prompts and, of course, the dreaded fish photo, everyone will have ..
beige, tiktok, dating Image source : mashable.com
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