Daughter of 13-year-old mother raped in 1970s wins justice at last

  Daisy, 45, overcame years of police inaction after persuading her mother to testify against Carvel Bennett * Man found guilty of rape after woman conceived in attack pursues charges It started withJimmy Savile and it ended nine years later in an airless courtroom in Birmingham. Daisy, now 45, was taken into care days after her birth before being adopted when she was seven months old. She had known since she read her social services files aged 18 that her birth mother was 13 years old when she was born and her birth father was Carvel Bennett, then 28. The files dating back to 1975 state: “The matter was investigated by police but never brought to court.” Continue reading... .. Full story on theguardian.com 

daughter, mother, justice Image source : theguardian.com
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