Trump-loving conspiracy theorist gets sued by Michigan GOP clerk after she lobbed accusations of bribery

  Melissa Carone , who served as a "star witness" for attorney Rudy Giuliani in his failed attempts to get President Joe Biden's win in Michigan overturned, is now being sued by a Republican clerk whom she had accused of a wide variety of crimes. The Detroit Metro Times reports that Shelby Township Clerk Stan Grot filed a lawsuit in Macomb County Circuit Court late last week that accused Carone of making repeated defamatory statements about him, including claims that he took, conducted "illegal elections," and took money from "an illegal immigrant to turn in a lottery ticket." Interestingly, Grot cannot be accused of being insufficiently loyal to former President Donald Trump, as he was one of the Republicans who agreed to serve as a fake presidential elector in Michigan as part of Trump's scheme to stay in power. The Detroit Metro Times describes the feud between Carone and Grot as "the latest clash between Michigan Republicans who are turnin ..
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