Hacker conference permanently bans Trump-loving OAN for repeatedly breaking rules

  Embattled Trump-loving cable news network One America News is no longer welcome at the DEF CON hacker conference after it repeatedly broke rules about taking photos and video at the event that could compromise hackers' identities. Vice News reports that a DEF CON spokesperson revealed this week that OAN "violated DEF CON’s privacy policy, repeatedly taking photo and video showing people’s faces without the consent of those individuals." One attendee at the conference insisted to Vice News that there was no friction between the hackers and OAN reporters at the conference, despite the fact that they broke the rules. "Outside of the obvious infraction, everyone seemed to stay courteous and professional the whole time," they said. "There was no real drama or confrontation. [OAN reporter Chanel Rion] was allowed to hang for a bit and introduced herself to some of the panelists. It was not a big scene." IN OTHER NEWS: DeSantis has rendered himself a 'M ..
oan, hacker, trump, loving, conference, permanently, repeatedly, breaking Image source : rawstory.com
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