Nearly new buying guide: Volkswagen Touareg

  This Mk3 luxury SUV is creeping towards half its original price Slipping discreetly under the brash-o-meter on the luxury SUV radar, this is actually the third-generationVolkswagen Touareg , a technofest on wheels that combines sharp but subtle looks and a lush interior with real on-road ability. Underneath, it shares much with everything from the imperious Audi Q7 to the manic Lamborghini Urus . There’s aluminium here and more of the stuff over there, and if it’s not exactly lightweight, it at least tosses a caber in that general direction. You can choose from a variety of turbocharged 3.0-litre six-cylinder engines. The 228bhp and 282bhp diesels are a touch gruff at idle but smooth on the move and have plenty of power. The 335bhp 3.0-litre petrol arrived late in 2019 and is quieter and even faster, but that comes at the price of higher fuel bills, which is where the 456bhp plug-in hybrid system of the Touareg R comes in, with a claimed 28 miles of electric-only driving. Click here .. Full story on 

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