Everyone loves Novak: how Djokovic became a star in the Olympic village | Tumaini Carayol

  From Turkish volleyballers to German judokas, the Olympic village in Tokyo has been in thrall to the Serbian world No 1 After Novak Djokovic took his first small step towards a gold medal on Saturday, his defeated first round opponent, the world No 140 Hugo Dellien of Bolivia, could not stop himself from speaking his heart as they embraced at the net: “It’s a dream for me,” he said to Djokovic. “I want to remember my whole life that I played with you.” Dellien asked Djokovic for his T-shirt and they later posed for a photo together Only occasionally on the regular tour does Djokovic come up against an opponent starstruck enough to ask for photos or a souvenir of their encounter after being blitzed off the court. But in Tokyo, where everyone seems to want a piece of the best tennis player in the world, Dellien simply blends in with the crowd. Since Djokovic’s arrival in Tokyo, it is unlikely that there has been a more popular athlete in the Olympic village. Continue reading... .. Full story on theguardian.com 

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